Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Let me introduce myself!

I've been getting a lot of hits (and I mean A LOT), but almost nobody ever comments. It hurts my feelings, but luckily I don't rest my entire self-worth on this blog (just the majority). But I've been brainstorming ideas as to why I'm not feeling the love over here. I've been more interactive (ever notice the questions I've been adding to each post?). I'm trying to add pictures. I just went digital, so once I figure all that out, there will be pics! But I decided that, well, I've been posting and you've been reading for awhile and it's time we get to know each other!

I'm a 20-something female living in the suburbs of Chicago. I live with my completely adorable dog, Guinness. Guinness has a lot of health issues, so I actually make her food from scratch. What a spoilt girl she is!

Aside from that, I work a job that I don't care for and it is sucking the soul out of me. The only positive out of it is that I have made lots of wonderful friends and connections with people I probably would never interact with. In fact, after much debating, I purchased my camera off of someone who is a professional photographer.

I cook all the time and am applying to culinary school as we speak! I have other hobbies too. Like running. I have had arthritis in one knee for many years, stemming from an injury in 7th grade that never healed properly. After years of therapy, I am finally able to walk and swim and RUN. I love my cooking and eat multiple servings, which means I need to run. I just started getting into running as a sport, not just an exercise. I ran a few races last year (can you believe it? it's a new year already) and am planning on running at least one half next year. I'm also an avid photographer. As I stated earlier, I just bought my first digital camera. I got my first slr in 8th grade as a birthday present and I haven't looked back since. I still love film dearly, but I don't have a dark room and film developing costs a crap ton. So? DSLR it is!

What else is there to know about me? I'm an outdoorsy person and would be content to move to the top of a mountain and be happy. I sing songs to everything. That doesn't mean I CAN sing, it just means I live in a musical and I live it outside of my head. I'm extremely random and will just announce things off the top of my head without any warning. I own an extrememly large amount of movies and tv on dvd. I could watch those all the time. I read like crazy. I'm usually in the middle of two books. One is fiction and tends to travel with me wherever I go, which means I carry a very large bag as a purse. The second is usually "educational." I studied sociology in college and frequently immerse myself in sociological books or else it is about the science of weight loss, food, eating, etc. And if I decide I need a third book, it's usually an older classic. I have the complete works of Shakespeare, Poe, Plato, and so on. They are hand-me-downs from many generations ago. Some of them are falling apart, but I continue reading them.

Finally, I truely hate talking about myself. I wrote a lot hopping you guys realize that I'm not crazy. Well, I am crazy, but the good kind.

So, my dear readers, let me know what you think so far. What else would you like to see (besides pictures, which I swear are coming)? Am I that boring and should close this blog and never open it again? What was the highlight of YOUR day?

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