Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Idea Of Fun

I cook. A lot. All the time. So today I decided that my hobby needs to leave my kitchen and my work's break room. I've blogged about everything else before, so why not start one about food? One of my favourite websites is a cooking one and every time I read it, I think "I can do that." So this is me "doing that."

A few things of note for those want to cook with me: I'm not a big meat eater; I'm lactose intolerant (which doesn't stop me from loving butter); I prefer locally grown, organic foods and meats that were treated with respect; for as healthy as I am, I love a giant bowl of creamy pasta (it's why I run); and most importantly, I cook with love and love to cook. I'm willing to spend all my time finding the best ingredients and chopping to the perfect size. Also, I bake too.

Welcome to the journey, hope you packed your best chef's knife!

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